Nakhal will gradually resume their operations applying precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Entry into Lebanon is permitted in accordance with the rules and regulations applied by the Lebanese General Security prior to the closure of the airport, for: Lebanese, Arab and foreign nationals, diplomats and foreign workers (domestic assistance) accompanied by the sponsor.  Also allowed, the Palestinian traveler with a "Palestinian refugee travel document" issued by the Lebanese authorities. 

Syrians connecting by land transfer(Bus) to Syria are now allowed and provided by our system, including accommodation and PCR test approved by the Syrian Government.

Passenger Arriving from PCR countries: (our flights or regular flights)

PCR countries procedure:

Passengers except children under 12 years travelling to Lebanon from the countries that perform PCR tests shall undergo such a test at certified lab by local authorities latest 96 hours or D-4 prior to departure of their trip and show the result at check-in before proceeding to immigration.  Passenger with positive test result will not be allowed to board the plane. Upon arrival at RHIA another PCR test will be done to those passengers and the cost of the test will be borne by NAKHAL. The result of that test will be advised to passenger within 24 hrs from their arrival date, during that time, they shall stay in their Residence place.


-Passengers who travelled out of Lebanon and are returning within one week are exempted from doing PCR tests at their departure station.

NON –PCR countries procedure: (regular flights)

Passengers except children under 12 years arriving from non-PCR countries will undergo a first PCR test upon arrival at RHIA and the cost of the test will be borne by NAKHAL. The passenger will have to take a second test after 72 hours at accredited laboratories as advised by Health authorities on the passenger own cost. 

 Positive results

In the event that any positive result appears to the passengers who arrived to Lebanon, they must follow the directives of the Ministry of Public Health until they recover according to the approved medical protocol.

 All Passengers

-Any passenger who shows symptoms of illness including covid-19, will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

-All passengers traveling to Lebanon must fill health declaration form online before departure. (link:, hense all incoming passengers are required to show this completed for to the Ministry of Public Health Medical team upon arrival at RHIA.

-Passengers travelling to Lebanon need to possess an insurance policy that is valid for the duration of their stay in Lebanon, covering all costs of treatment for Coronavirus on Lebanese Territory. Can be booked while booking the tickets on

-Passengers shall follow the MoPH directives.

Face masks & hand sanitizers

All passengers must bring with them:

Enough face masks that are mandatory to wear at airport and during the entire flight and must be replaced every four hours. Passenger having medical reason, infants and children under age of 6 years are exempted from wearing a mask.

Hand sanitizers for their own use on condition “Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is acceptable under the Dangerous Goods provisions, the limit of 100 ml or equivalent per item for liquids and gels”.

Passenger is responsible for complying with all laws, regulations, travel requirements including entry/exit rules from countries flown from or to.

Information about Covid-19 PCR Test:

For all passengers that are willing to buy tickets, 50$ to be added on the fare price,

Exception: ADA PCR cost is already added in the ticket price